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Kleenrite Virucide Stat.

STAT is a disinfectant, bactericide and virucide that has been Approved by The US EPA to
disable/kill the Coronavirus COVID-19. This product is a disinfectant for use in a spray, fog,
wipe, mop or dip application.

STAT is highly concentrated; one gallon makes more than 180 gallons of ready-to-use
disinfectant. It has a wide range of bactericidal and virucidal claims including MRSA, Canine
Parvovirus, HIV-1 (associated with AIDS), Avian Influenza, Human Coronavirus, SARS, and the
most recent 2019 novel coronavirus-Wuhan (also 2019-nCoV) For use in hospitals, nursing homes, community centers, restaurants, food processing plants, schools, gyms, hotels, airports as well as other commercial & industrial facilities.

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