Pro's Choice Stain 1

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Stain 1combines the stain removal attributes of Stain Magic with the anti soiling of ARA (Anti Re-soiling Agent) and the detergency of Dirt Chaser to give you an incredibly versatile and effective universal stain and spot remover. Stain 1 is the everything stain and spot remover. Coffee, Tea, Urine, Juice, Vomit, Blood, Plant Stains, and more… Just spray and walk away. Reappearing spots, spray with Stain 1, agitate an blot clean.  Lightly reapply Stain 1 and walk away. They're not coming back.  Incredibly they almost always disappear as Stain 1 works its magic. Stain 1 is economical to use and requires no mixing or dilution. Simply saturate the stain and allow dwell time for the stain to disappear.

1. Clean the discolored area thoroughly to remove as much contamination as possible.
2. Apply Stain 1 liberally to evenly saturate the stained fibers. A trigger sprayer works well here.
Dwell time. You may see the stain disappear immediately or it may require several hours for the chemical reaction to reach completion.

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