Pro's Choice Odor-zyme

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1 Gallon 

Pro’s Choice Odor-Zyme is an amazing enzyme odor killer.  Odor-Zyme is designed to attack organic contamination from urine, feces, spoiled food and more!  As an added bonus, even though Odor-Zyme was designed to remove pet odors you will find that it removes many pet stains as well. Odor-Zyme is often considered to be the “light” version of Molecular Modifier.  It contains the same powerful enzymatic activity but a lower concentration of the odor modifiers found in Molecular Modifier.  This may prove to be a benefit to customers who have aversions to strong fragrances.

Odor-Zyme comes ready to use and doesn’t require dilution in most cases.  Shake the bottle thoroughly to ensure an even distribution of enzymes and saturate the contaminated area.  No odor control treatment will be effective on contamination it’s not coming into contact with so be sure to treat all contaminated areas.  An injection needle can be helpful to reach subsurface contamination like the carpet backing or pad.


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