Pro's Choice Erase

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Erase is an enhanced dry cleaning solvent that couples instantly with water and water soluble soils. This enables you to clean a much broader range of soils than you can clean with typical dry cleaning solvents. Use ERase to dry clean fabrics. Use Erase to boost the performance of any pre-spray Traffic Lane Cleaner. Or use it as an excellent dry spotter for adhesive, tar, makeup and wax type stains. Erase is ready to use no dilution required.


As a dry cleaner: Apply with a terry towel dampened with Erase. Agitate surface gently then wipe dry with second towel. Use Erase in specifically designed dry cleaning equipment according to the manufacturer's directions.


As a Spotter:

Apply to contamination. Agitate gently to dissolve contamination. Wipe away with dry towel or extraction clean area.


Add 1 oz. Erase per gal. of pre-spray solution. Shake occasionally during use. For injection sprayers add 8 oz. per 5 qt. container. Shake occasionally during application to maintain homogeneous mixture.

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