Procyon Extreme Carpet Pre Spray

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1 Gallon 

This product will handle all of those tough jobs. Soap Free, Odor Free PROCYON Extreme! Pre-Spray packs all the power of clean and yet maintains the environmental safeness of all our PROCYON Products. Powerful & Versatile! Can even be used as an En-Cap solution.

his soap free, odor free PROCYON Extreme! cleaning product is also tested and certified to help protect you, your family and your pets because they are family too. Soap Free PROCYON Extreme! has earned award letters of testing and certifications from Ie-Du-Pont Stain Master, Monsanto, Allied Fiber and Tandus Centiva, Power Bond and the Carpet & Rug Institute. PROCYON Extreme! is that soap free, odor free carpet cleaning product that has been tested and certified covering more testing and certifications than any like me cleaning products in our industry. 

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