Procyon Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

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1 Gallon 

Completely soap free, odor free and non-toxic. Will not leave behind a soapy, sticky residue greatly reducing rapid re-soiling, so carpets stay cleaner, longer. Breaks down old soap residues left behind from previous cleaners.

You can mix a concentrated application for your small home based cleaning equipment, portable extractors, truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment. This product is too powerful for older truck mounted heat exchange systems. Truck Mounted systems with a bypass system that bypasses your heat exchange unit only. Using this product will convert hard water to soft water. Set meter on 2 when cleaning standard soil. When cleaning that rat nasty soil in carpet, you can adjust your meter to 5 or 7 and just blow the dirt away. This one product is truly powerful and amazing! After you’re finished cleaning your carpet you will need to dial your meter back down to 2 for standard soils and oil.

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