Mytee 1600 Focus Vapor Steamer

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Mytee’s new & improved 1600 Focus™ Vapor Steamer easily cleans a multitude of areas and surfaces. With high-temperature steam, you can remove stubborn dirt, grease, grime stains and soap scum. Quickly detail vehicles, clean hard surfaces, and remove gum from floors.


-5-gallon solution tank capacity

-Heavy duty pressure kettle with 1,750 watt heating element

-Pump-driven automatic fill – continuously produces steam as long as distilled water is in the tank!

-Disinfecting steam up to 350°F

-Various attachments included

-High pressure, high temperature professional spray gun and 15′ hose

-Easy-push handle for easy transportation and storage

Perfect for:

-Automotive detailing. Clean and disinfect headliners, cup holders, upholstery, dashboards, and so much more!

-Mattresses. Sanitizes beds and kills bed bugs, germs, Giardia, viruses, dust mites, mold & mildew.

-Upholstery. Useful for spotting. 

-Facility maintenance. Clean toilets and sinks without scrubbing!


Solution tank: 5 Gallon Capacity

Heating Element: 1,750 Watts

Amp Draw:Cord One 12 Amps

Power Cord: 25' 12/3

Machine Weight: 55lbs

Shipping Weight: 63lbs

Machine Dimensions: 24" x 12" x 19.5"

Shipping Dimensions: 17" x 29" x 27"

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