HP120 Grand Prix™ Automotive Heated Detail Extractor

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The HP120 Grand Prix™ heated carpet extractor combines mobility, power, and innovative engineering. It is a favorite among automotive detailers. Before the Grand Prix using a pump, vacuumm and heater required two power cords which made it hard to fins an apporopriate power source. Thank to the engineering at Mytee this machine changed that all. 


-Heatguard™ hosewrap, made of neoprene wetsuit material

-Air Lite™ upholstery tool

-15ft. 1.25" vacuum and internal solution hose



-Durable roto molded polyethylene material housing, made to resit rust or denting

-Compact design fits perfectly into van, truck or storage area

-A high drain valve useful for emptying into a standard bucket

-Real Heat™ system with 1,200 watt in line heater with maximum 210 degrees temperature produces hot water that quickly breaks up grease and dirt

-130" of water lift and 100 CFM

-Single 3 stage (low amp) makes the extractor even more effective

-Approx 10 gallon solution tank

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