8903 Wand Style 1.5" Spinner®

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The Tile & Grout Spinner® uses high pressure to simultaneously power wash and extract water from a variety of hard surfaces such as concrete, grouted tile, ceramic tile, rubber studded floors and more. The Tile & Grout Spinners® set a new standard in hard surface cleaning.


-1x H723 Spray Bar Removal Wrench

-1x P719 1.5″ to 2″ Barbed Adapter



-Rated for use with PSI as low as 500 and as high as 3000

-Heavy duty stainless steel handle

-Included specially designed wrench for easy removal of spray bar

-Replaceable skirt brush

-Durable Carbide seals

-Re-buildable flange mounted swivels

-Low profile for cleaning under toe kicks and hard to reach areas

-Positive ventilation vacuum glides for instantly dry surfaces

-1.5” port (2″ adapter included) that can be attached to a truckmount, high pressure extractor, or pressure washer

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