8070 Mytee Lite™ Heated Carpet Extractor

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The best selling automotive detailing extractor in its class. This upholstery spotting machine can do the job of a full size carpet extractor but is small and lightweight enough to hold in one hand. It is the first in the industry to include an on board heater for maximum cleaning power. It runs on only one power cord for maximum convinience wherever you go. Its perfect for both upholstery spotting and small detailing jobs at four gallons. It packs performance and versatility into one compact and efficient machine. 


-A110 Drain hose

-Easy push handle with storage basket 

-Heatguard™ hosewrap, made of neoprene wetsuit material

-8400P Air Lite™ upholstery tool 

-15ft. 1.25" vacuum and internal solution hose


-Compact size and easy push handle for easy transportation and storage 

-Recovery tank drain hose 

-Faucet fill hose for easy fill solution tank 

-1,000 watt in line heater which produces hot water to quickly break up grease and dirt

-New and improved 3 stage motor, 100CFM, 130" water lift

-Approx 4 gallon capacity tanks

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