7303LX Air Hog™ Vacuum Booster

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This versatile unit can also be used as a stand-alone extractor with your Mytee T-REX™ or carpet wand. You can also “daisy chain” multiple Air Hog™ vacuum boosters to complete bigger jobs more efficiently, without unnecessary downtime. With this specially designed Air Hog™ model, you add up to 250 CFM to your existing extractor for unmatched performance on long hose runs, giving you increased suction, leaving carpets dryer. Use only one power cord to run a single vacuum motor. You will still have powerful performance with 180 CFM and 113″ of water lift when running one vacuum motor.


-Dual 25′ extension cords

-1 H136V 2" to 2" Male Vinyl Cuff Lynx™ Coupler

-1 H141V 2" to 1.5" Vinly Cuff Lynx™ Reducer

-1 H110v 2" to 2" Female Vinyl Cuff Lynx™ Coupler Reducer



-3″ locking casters

-Circuit locator indicator light

-Durable roto molded polyethylene housing that resists rusting and denting

-Float shut off valve, auto pump out

-Pumps out at 3.3 GPM

-182″ water lift

-225-250 CFM

-Dual exclusive Mytee® Ametek Hybrid vacuum motors

-Approx 7 gallon tank

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