15ft. 1.25″ Internal Vacuum and Solution Hose Combo

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Mytee’s NEW internal vacuum and solution hose combo.


  • 15′ length
  • 1.25″ hose
  • 1/8″ braided stainless steel solution hose
  • Uses Mytee’s new Snap-n-Lok™ Cuff-Lynx™ to hide solution hoses and keep them out of the way during cleaning


  • H122V Cuff-Lynx™ 2″ Female Vacuum Hose Connector

NOTE: The 8501V Hose Combo is made to work with Mytee Cuff-Lynx™. If you’re connecting to a standard 1.5″ barbed fitting, replace the Cuff-Lynx™ end with the H943 hose cuff.

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