1005LX Speedster® Deluxe Carpet Extractor

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The Speedster® 1005LX is perfect for any cleaning job. It has waist high switches and bucket high drains. It has great mobility with 10" foam filled wheels and 4" locking casters. The 1005LX features Mytee's new and exclusive Ametek high performance vacuum motor. This new motor stands out from the rest with its high efficiency unique winding of the motor and special fan configuration. When you remove more water from the carpet you get faster drying times, you are also removing more dirt for a better clean. The new revolutionary hybrid motor delivers a water lift increase of almost 30% at the carpet compared to other vacuum motors. Its a perfect choice for professional carpet cleaners who want maximum power, mobility, and durability. 


-Dual 50' 12/3 detachable power cords and a larger hanger for storing hoses and cords



-Durable roto molded polyethylene to resist rusting and denting

-Locking casters that reduce machine movement

-Waist high switches and other easy access features that reduce bending 

-Easy open vacuum tank lid

-User friendly aluminum handle for easy loading and unloading 

-Powerful 500 PSI piston pump

-Dual high performance Mytee™ Ametek hybrid vacuum motors that provide maximum suction and airflow to clean and dry carpets quickly

-Approx 10 gallon solution tank

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