1003DX Speedster® Deluxe Heated Carpet Extractor

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The 1003DX Speedster® was designed for the cleaning professionals. Each Speedster® has high waist switches and bucket high drains. It has 10" foam filled wheels and 4" locking casters for easy mobility. The Speedster® is as good as it gets when it comes to carpet cleaning. The Speedster® is powerful, user friendly, portable, and affordable. Its features sets it apart from the competetion. 


-Dual 50' 12/3 detachable power cords and a larger hanger for storing hoses and cords



-Durable roto molded polyethylene resists rusting and denting

-Locking casters that reduce machine movement

-Waist high swtiches and other easy access features that reduce bending

-Easy open vacuum tank lid

-User friendly aluminum handle for easy loading and unloading

-Powerful 1,600 watt heater that reaches a maximum 210 degrees

-500 PSI piston pump

-200 CFM, 130" water lift

-Efficent dual 3 stage vacuum motors that provide maximum suction and airflow to clean and dry carpets quickly

-Approx 10 gallon capacity solution tank

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